David Thande

About me? New England aesthetic, european refinement . Sort of literate; sort of forgetful. I'm more indie than pop. But I won't torture others with my music tastes. Despite my profile, I'm capable of writing in complete sentences. I don't like Oxford commas.
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  • - distracted -
    by less wholesome concerns

    Denim Jacket - @Levis

    Gingham Shirt - @Gap

    Leather Belt - @Zara_Worldwide

    Slim Chinos - @Jcrew

    Boat Shoes - @SperryTopsider

    Time Piece - @Timex

    Bracelets - @Etsy

    Photo Credit - @BluPhiv (at Century City Mall)

    "This future is not set in stone"

    Merino Wool Sweater - @Jcrew

    Window Pane Shirt - @Jcrew

    Silk Tie - @Zara_Worldwide

    Sustainable Belt - @HuckStraps

    Cord Shorts - @Levis

    Bahama Sneakers - @SperryTopsider

    Time Piece - @Timex (at Westfield Century City)

    "The encounter is fleeting"

    Bedford Cord Jacket - @Levis

    Washed Shirt - @Jcrew

    Merino Wool Sweater - @Jcrew

    Braided Rope Belt - @VineYardVines

    Slim Chinos - @HM

    Sneakers - @Converse

    Time Piece - @Timex
    (at Century City)

    "those of us who dare complain"

    Top Coat - @ZaraMen

    Suit - @TopMan

    Ludlow Shirt - @Jcrew

    Silk Tie - @JohnVaravtos

    Time Piece - @Timex

    Pocket Square - @CalvinKlein

    Oxfords - @HugoBoss

    Flower Pin - @HookAndAlbert

    (at Château Thande)

    " default assumptions "
    Feat. @alitaj

    - @DavidThande

    Sweater, Shirt, Belt - @Jcrew

    Trouser - @Zara_Worldwide

    Sneakers - @Converse

    - @AliTaj

    Shirt - @Jcrew

    Belt, Trousers - @Bonobos

    Wing Tips - @ColeHaan (at Beverly Hills / Century City)

    "Brooklyn Hipster"

    Denim Jacket - @Levis

    Silk Cotton Sweater - @HM

    Lavender Washed Shirt - @Jcrew

    Skinny Leather Belt - @HM

    Slim Chinos - @UniqloUSA

    Penny Boat Shoes - @SperryTopsider

    Watch Strap - @Jcrew

    Time Piece - @Timex
    (at Century City)

    "your table is ready."

    Opening Ceremony Jacket - @Levis

    Check Shirt - jcrew

    Silk Tie - clubmonaco

    Flower Pin - hookandalbert

    Canvas Belt - jcrew

    Luxe Jeans - 7jeans

    Yellow Sneakers JP - conversemusic

    Bracelets - etsy

    Time Piece - timex

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