David Thande

About me? New England aesthetic, european refinement . Sort of literate; sort of forgetful. I'm more indie than pop. But I won't torture others with my music tastes. Despite my profile, I'm capable of writing in complete sentences. I don't like Oxford commas.
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  • "When Life Happens"

    It’s a hot day in Los Angeles, @7am it’s already 78 degrees. The workplace air conditioner should be working at full capacity. So lightweight merino sweater that will hide the massive wrinkles on my shirt, as well as the trouser shirts gives me a polished look. The knit bow tie establishes my attention to details. The sneakers showcase my youthful appeal. Have a great day readers. Keep cool 😎

    Merino Striped Sweater - hmstreetstyle

    Dress Shirt - jcrew

    Knit Bow Tie - vineyardvines

    Canvas Belt - jcrew

    Trouser Shorts - dieselreboot

    Hi Tops - gstarrawnijmegen

    Time Piece - citizenwatch

    "Take the bit between one’s teeth"

    Featuring - @iamRizzoMusic

    Hanging out with one of my really good friends in sunny Los Angeles. Took time invoke his kick ass stance.

    —> On me.
    ——>Trucker Jacket - gap
    —>Chambray Shirt - jcrew
    —->Silk Tie - @Theory
    ->Canvas Trousers - @JohnVarvatos
    —>Irish Settlers - redwingheritage
    ->Time Piece - @CitizenWatch

    —-> On Mr. Rizzo

    —> Leather Jacket - hmstreetstyle
    —->S/S Shirt - hmstreetstyle
    ——>Tie & Tie Bar - thetiebar
    —>Pants & Socks -@HM
    ——>Shoes - @StaceyAdams

    Get Into
    Mr. Rizzo’s Music
    @ http://www.iamrizzo.com

    " Continuities "

    . .
    Stripped Merino Sweater - @HM

    Oxford Shirt - @Jcrew

    Preppy Shorts - @VineYardVines

    Canvas Belt - @Jcrew

    Laceless CVO’s - @SperryTopsider

    Time Piece - @Timex

    Bracelets - @AmericanEagle
    (at Château Thande)

    "Photo Copier"

    Shawl Collar Knit - @HM

    Plaid Shirt - @Jcrew

    Knit Tie - @HM

    Leather Belt - @Guess

    Selvage Jeans - @APC_Paris

    Messenger Bag - @BananaRepublic

    Boots - @UrbanOutfitters

    Time Piece - @Fossil (at Château Thande)

    "You can move through"
    ⌚️ - time - ⌚️
    in one direction.
    . .

    Aviator Jacket - @ZaraMen

    Oxford Shirt - @Gap

    Wool Bow Tie - @ClubMonaco

    Merino Wool Sweater - @HM

    Skinny Leather Belt - @HM

    Slim Chinos - @TopMan

    Desert Boots - @Jshoes

    Time Piece - @Timex
    (at Château Thande)

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